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Local Author Showcase: Carol Bergman, Evan Anderson, Beth Cramer

Please join us for an evening highlighting three local authors and their recently published works. Each author will have a table for meet-and-greets, book signings, and conversation with friends, family, fans, and potential new readers. This month's events features Carol Bergman, Evan Anderson, and Beth Cramer.

Fans are welcome to bring books from home to have signed, or to purchase books here. Refreshments and beverages are also available for purchase throughout the event. Please, no outside food or drink.

by Carol Bergman

Private Investigator Alison Jenkins, recently returned to her home in Ulster County, NY from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, teams up with her mentor, PI Margaret Singer, to solve the disappearance of a decorated veteran. When the missing man's girlfriend and a young Iranian girl are found murdered, the case becomes even more complex. At each turn in the investigation, the sense of danger intensifies. A political thriller, a murder mystery, and a meditation on the futility of war, SAY NOTHING will twist its way into your psyche and not let go.

by Evan Anderson

Anne Blackstone is a sixteen year old girl from a small Missouri River town at the turn of the twentieth century. Suddenly orphaned, she is sent to a "school" run by the black-clad members of the Ladies' Aid Society. She escapes, leaves town with the company of a traveling showboat, and later joins a touring motion picture exhibitor. Along the way, Anne learns the craft of directing: for the stage, then for the infant industry of moving pictures, pre-Hollywood. She enters the field before it becomes a big business, when motion picture language was being written, and when women, even from a lower class, had access to its creative tools. Downriver gives readers the experience of what it was like to be alive at the origins of an industry which is, today, so much a part of our lives.

by Beth Cramer

In the fall of 2017, Beth Cramer went to a doctor for heartburn and came home with seven samples of Prilosec and stage 4 ovarian cancer. Over the next several months Cramer was in and out of hospitals and doctors' offices with her three fearless sisters, parents, husband and son by her side. However, it was through her diagnosis and impending death that she was finally set free from an obsession and debilitating regret that had defined nearly a quarter of her life. Irreverent, painfully honesty and often hilarious, Why Didn't I Notice Her Before? is a beautifully observed memoir that finds courage and humor in the face of undefeatable odds.