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Omnibus Book Club July Meeting at Rough Draft

The monthly book club meeting will discuss THE ARCHIVE OF ALTERNATE ENDINGS book by Lindsey Drager.

The Archive of Alternate Endings revolves around several storylines that take place across a millennium, from 1378 to 2365 AD, at regular intervals that match up with the appearance of Halley's Comet, which orbits elliptically, curving close to the sun and past Earth once every 75ish years before reaching to the edge of the solar system and coming back around.... There is something both nihilistic and deeply hopeful in Drager's looping novel. Nihilistic, because in so many ways it indicates that as parts of a continuum of human storytelling, life, love, and hate, none of us matter; but hopeful because that continuum means our stories are related, our narratives interlocking, and so while we may be insignificant, we are also never alone. ~ Ilana Masad for NPR