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Book Launch: How To Manage Your Girlfriend's White Guilt

Join local comedian, journalist, espresso connoisseur, and now author Duval Culpepper for the launch of his book, How to Manage Your Girlfriend's White Guilt: And Other Horrifying Tales of Rich White Liberals (Volume I). There will be a short reading, lots of though-provoking conversation, an opportunity for book signing, and plenty to drink. **This event contains adult language and content, and may not be suitable for all ages.**

About the book:

HTMYGWGAOHTORWL is a nonfiction first-person narrative inspired by an article written for New York Magazine of the same name. Expanding on this piece, the author’s collection of essays is a (mostly) factual, account of his eternal struggle: navigating the world of liberal white guilt as a (moderately) successful black man who doesn't see himself as a victim.

Told through a series of “gonzo” narratives, How To Manage Your Girlfriend’s White Guilt is an examination of modern culture through a perspective not often expressed in mainstream society: the disaffected, arrogantly intellectual, young, black male. From awkward Tinder dates with reformed Southern debutantes, to solo road trips into the heart of Trump's America and violent outbursts at polite Brooklyn rooftop dinner parties, How To Manage Your Girlfriend’s White Guilt is Wright’s Native Son meets Ellis’s Psycho.

About Duval:

Duval Culpepper is a New York native who grew up in the projects but went to a fancy private school, giving him a very unique perspective on people--he hates them. Often mistaken for Lenny Kravitz (or any other light skin black guy with hair), he travels the country doing stand-up, writing and looking for a tall athletic blonde to drink piña coladas with while watching American Ninja 2: The Confrontation. Is that so much to ask? Learn more about him at