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Kids' Story Hour: So Tall Within - The Story of Sojourner Truth

Join us Monday morning as we celebrate Black History Month In Kingston (and a holiday off school!) with a reading of "So Tall Within: Sojourner Truth's Long Walk Toward Freedom" by Gary D. Schmidt. This book is recommended for kids 4 to 8, and children of all ages (with parent or guardian supervision) are welcome.

About the book - from Publisher's Weekly: Schmidt tells the powerful story of Sojourner Truth (born Isabella), highlighting the context of her courageous actions: “When Isabella was about nine, she was sold for a hundred dollars—along with a flock of sheep.” After a lifetime of slavery, Isabella escaped, yet her five-year-old son was sent to the South, leading her to travel across New York to speak to the Grand Jury. Minter paints luminously, alternating between full-bleed spreads and dreamlike vertical images. At the denouement, Schmidt describes how Isabella took on the name of Sojourner Truth as she embarked on her walking journey to denounce slavery: “In Freedom Time, when Hope kindled a fire in the dark and Happiness winked over the horizon.” A soaring poetic tribute to a human rights champion.

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