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Bees Love Solar: The Sweetest Solution to Climate Change!

SunCommon and Rough Draft present "#BeesLoveSolar: The Sweetest Solution to Climate Change!"

Worried about the bees? 🐝 Pollinator species like bees are being threatened by habitat loss and pesticide usage, at the same time the changing climate means we need to swiftly shift our energy economy from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. What if we could tackle both these problems head-on with one solution, in a way that benefits humans and bees alike? What if that solution was also delicious? 🍯

Join Cal Trumann of SunCommon for an evening of sweet stories, science, and solutions, all about Pollinator-Friendly Solar, an idea championed in the U.S. by the Center for Pollinators in Energy and popular for decades in Europe and the UK. Hear stories from beekeepers, bakers, and breweries taking advantage of this low-tech/high-tech synergy. Taste local honey beers and other honey treats. Discover how planting your own pollinator garden can be an easy and beautiful way to make a difference (and YES, Fall is the best time!), and learn about the potential to multiply that impact exponentially by providing bee and butterfly habitat at large-scale solar arrays!

This event is free with food or drink purchase from the bar. Rough Draft offers beer, wine, hard cider, coffee, tea, and soft drinks, as well as assorted baked goods. Please, no outside food or drink.

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