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Tasting the Past: Book Signing, Author Talk & Wine Tasting

Journalist Kevin Begos was on assignment in the Middle East when he came across a small bottle of red from an unfamiliar winery in his hotel minibar. Ignoring his own rule to never buy hotel-room wine, he cautiously took a sip, and was blown away—it was astonishingly good. He filed away the winery’s name—Cremisan Cellars—figuring he’d pick up a bottle back in the States. But not only was it impossible to find, but Cremisan wine apparently didn’t exist. At least not according to authorities in the field, including the Oxford Companion to Wine.

Begos set out to investigate the mysterious vineyard, and found himself caught up in a viticultural detective story—complete with false leads, DNA evidence, and vines hidden in remote valleys and plains across the world. Join Kevin as he reads from and discusses his new book Tasting the Past (on sale June 12); we'll have books available for purchase, and samples of some of the rare wines he writes about available for tasting, as well.